We are back!

It has been a long four years since our last Event in 2019 and we are excited to see you all soon!  Since we last met, Sudbury Graphic-Con became an independent not for profit separate from the Greater Sudbury Public Library.  The City of Greater Sudbury was a strong and proud supporter of ours but needed to reallocate resources to meet the needs of various other programs in the city and we still enjoy a strong partnership with them to this day.  Since that time, we hosted to Event in 2019 which was a huge success! (Klingons singing karaoke…  Just sit with that for a minute.)

In January 2020 an entirely new (volunteer) Board of Directors was stood up to take charge of Graphic-Con and continue to lead it.  With the pandemic we needed to cancel our Events but we never went away.  Like many of you, we took the time to take care of ourselves and our loved ones while quietly developing some of the policies needed to make Sudbury Graphic-Con Non-Profit Event a stronger organization in the long run.  The time has finally come though for us all to get back together again and celebrate our geek!

We look forward to seeing you all on June 24th and to see all your incredible new cosplays!


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