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With the cancellation of our event this year, we still want to make sure the artists and vendors that support our event have a place to showcase their wares! Click on a link below to be sent to a page where you can support your local artists and craftspersons.


We are a Canadian-based company that sells a wide range of giftware online and at conventions! Items ranging from plushies to collectibles.

We make gift-giving easy because when you shop with The Littlest Gift Boutique, you know they will love it.

Crroked Stitch
Krookedstitch is a collection of purses, wallets, backpacks, totes and scrunchies. All made of specially curated fabrics, upcycled leather, cork and vibrant, colourful fabrics. The brand is well known for  a love of fandoms and all things geeky that cannot be found anywhere else.
No Regrets Art

No Regrets Art sells native style pokemon fan art. We have my prints available in 11 x 8.5, 4 x 6, bookmarks and stickers.


We sell horror-themed, fandom-inspired, and branded clothing, ranging in size from infant to plus size. We also sell accessories including hair accessories and jewelry.


We sell replica weaponry and cosplay accessories related to pop culture

We are located in Mississauga, ON but offer flat rate shipping throughout Canada for $8.99.

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