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The Klingon Assault Group is an international community based organization built around mutual love of Star Trek, science fiction, and cosplay, with a focus on Klingon culture. The goals are simply to make friends, have fun, and get involved in the community through public appearances, special events, and community service activities.

There is no cost to join. Simply go to www.kag.org to sign up, and contact the local membership to get involved. You don’t need a costume to sign up and get involved, though promotions do come once you have one completed. Membership is not limited to Klingon cosplayers either. Any non-human alien can become a member of the Imperial Xeno Legion. All who wish to serve the Empire are welcome!

In fact, they are expanding!  The Klingon Assault Group started with a single Northern-Ontario Ship in Timmins and since 2018 has had the IKV Crimson Fox in Greater Sudbury.  These talented cosplayers lend their services to various charitable organizations by raising awareness or raising funds.  To date these Crews have raised over 20 000$ through various small fundraisers.

Organizations we have supported through our events:

  • The Samaritan Centre Sudbury
  • Timmins AntiHunger Coalition
  • Boomer’s Legacy
  • Wounded Warriors Canada – Support Dog Program
  • Timmins & District Humane Society
  • Planetary Society
  • Rainbow Camp
  • Gaaays In Spaaace
  • Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps TIGER – Vimy Ridge
  • Centennial Tour
  • Science Timmins – Science Village
  • Yo Mobile
  • Northern Ontario Expo

Honourary Members:

  • JG Hertzler – General Martok, DS9; Advocate Kolos, ENT
  • Robert Picardo – The Doctor, VOY
  • Mary Chieffo – Chancelor L’Rell, Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Online
  • Clare McConnell – Dennas, Star Trek Discovery
  • Kenneth Mitchell – Kol, Kol-Sha, and Aurellio, Star Trek Discovery & Lower Decks, Captain Marvel, Jericho, Ghost Whisperer
  • Hannah Spear – Siranna – Star Trek Discovery
  • Teddy Kellogg – Lt. Duke Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Murdoch Mysteries
  • Jonathan Frakes, Captain William T. Riker – Star Trek The Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Lower Decks, & Picard.
  • Morgan Kohan, Orion Arms Dealer – Star Trek Discovery

IKV Crimson Fox IKV Crimson Dawn

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