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Dave St. Georges

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, David has lived a geek infused life. First taught Dungeons and Dragons when he was 10 years old he discovered throwing dice and making saving throws was in his second nature. While gaining his education in communications from Cambrian College he brought the adventure to live action and spent over 10 years as a Live Action Role Player. Most recently a comic book fanatic, DC loyalist, and card carrying member of the Pathfinder Society, David spends his days supporting real heroes by day and reading about super heroes by night.

Steve Carey

When he's not watching TV shows and movies, reading or playing board games, Steve Carey's wishing he was. A self-professed nerd, ever since reading his first X-Men comic at age 7, Steve is now an IT professional by day and an aspiring karaoke star / TV host on evenings and weekends. Despite having now planted roots in Sudbury, Ontario, Steve has lived all over the world. After brief stints in the world of teaching and journalism, Steve has gained ranks in the communications skill set and comes armed with a + 2 laptop of Internets. He hopes to bring a lifetime of nerd culture, along with whatever wits he can muster, to the Talk Nerdy team.

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