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Table list

501st Legion A52
AlyKatt Studios A12
Android's Dungeon B02
Art of Thoeris B05B
Astroneit Oddities A14
Beyond the Dollhouse C06B
Canada Learning Code C01
Cats Grafix A50
Chop Shop A45
Climb 'N Fun Waxed Hands A25
Comic Book and Magic Man B03A
Comics North/Hidden level A49
Creepy Capreol B12
Custom Woodburning A10
Dan Collins A34
David M. Kelly B10
Expired Comics A01
Fancy to a Tee C05
Festival Geek A47
Fierte Sudbury Pride B08
Fire and Steel A46
Foam Creations B01
Fun Time Imaging B06A
Gabba Huttz A53B
Geekie Cutie A09
Geekxel Pixel A06
GNTArts C09B
Great Canadian Games and Hobbies A40
Great North Comics A35
Greater Sudbury Museum C10
J. Coulter Artist A24
J. M Cleminson B09
Jason Deline A28
Jason Rainville A27
Klingon Assault Group A55
KO Creations A38
Krooked Stitch B07
Larry's Comics A41
Late Night Ticket A03
Littlest Gifts Boutique A43
Luv 21 and Morgana's Baubles C09A
MakabreCosplay A54A
Margreat's Dragon and Fantasy Creations A19
Mark Leslie B13

Marvel Noise A32
McCue Oil and Canvas A22
MEDIKAL Cosplay A54B
More Fun Comics A48
Mystor3 A42
Nomad Posters A51
Northern Gaming Events C07A
Northern Screams A31
O.K. Arts A07
Om Nom Berries C03
Otaku Plush A13
Pixie Mama C08
Power Up Gaming A30
Press Start to Crochet A08
Ray Taylor C04
Relics from Cybertron B04
Retro Video Game Sales A39
Revengers C02
Richard H. Stephens B11
Ricky Lima A33
Ro & Jewels Draw A16
Rooted in the North A15
Scott Chantler A36
Shannon Vokey B05A
SparkleGirl A05
Ssstrawberrymilk A53A
Stardust Gremlin A23
Sudbury Graphic-Con Info A04
Sudbury Tourism C11
Sudbury Workers Education and
Advocacy Centre C07B
Sudbury Writers Guild B14
Sydney Rose Art C06A
Talk Nerdy A04
Tawny Illustrations B06B
The Art of Wallace R. Gillard A21
The Seventh Station A17
TLabbe Art B03B
Tsukino Creations A18
Underworld A44
Vintage Games N Junque A29
Vintage Queen A11
Yellow House Studio A20
Zombie Portraits A26

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